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Be Socially Responsible with Your Energy Use

What if everyone became socially responsible for their own environmental impacts? This is a question that has driven Active Home Services to produce new programs designed to cut Canada's Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Did you know?

Ontario homeowners produce an average of 2.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of electricity as electricity is mainly generated through the burning of fossil fuels

Did you know that, "According to a study by the U.N., Canada's total CO2 emissions alone for the year 2002 was more than 517 million metric tons, making Canada eighth on a list of almost 200 countries in terms of annual CO2 emissions" More alarmingly, studies show that the GHG emissions produced by human activities require tens of thousands of years to be recycled back into the ground. Scientists believe that we are at a tipping point where future generations will experience catastrophic natural disasters if we do not reduce our GHG emissions. In 2005, the world recognized the severity of this issue and came together to create the Kyoto Protocol where 37 countries are committed to the reduction of 5.2% GHG emissions below 1990 levels by 2012. Right now, Canada has not reached its target and it is up to Canadians to lend a hand. To help our country keep our commitment, we are proud to present the "Active Green Program".

About Active Green

The Active Green program will be offsetting a home's electricity usage for a 5 year period. Each dollar used to purchase the credits is in-turn invested into programs that work to decrease carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere or into renewable energy projects.

The Active Green Program is a simple, effective, and affordable way to offset and balance your homes electricity emissions through the purchase of carbon credits. We want to help socially responsible homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and ensure the sustainability of Canada, our home.

Homeowners who choose the Active Green Program as a method to improve environmental conditions can let their neighbours know of their socially responsible choice by displaying a "Be Green" window sticker upon enrolling, and every anniversary our customers will receive a certificate showing the details of their contributions. Reducing and limiting our own carbon footprint is our own responsibility.

How Active Green Works

When you choose to offset your carbon emissions, Active will purchase and retire energy offsets that will offset 100% of your annual electricity consumption. Every dollar used to purchase these credits are in-turn invested into programs that work to decrease carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere or into renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi